We are glad to introduce ProfTeam LLC. Our company is a resident of the Republic of Belarus. ProfTeam LLC sells and distributes testing & measuring equipment. We represent a number of producers of testing and measurement equipment, as well as NDT and predictive maintenance equipment. End users for our equipment - are electric power generation and distribution companies, as well as companies and branches which provide repair, service and maintenance (electrical safety measurement, NDT, thermography).


ProfTeam LLC ready for cooperation with manufacturers, to provide promotion and sales of their equipment in Belarus and in whole Eurasian Customs Union on very proper level. Choosing ProfTeam LLC as a dealer you`ll get:

1. Experience in industry. Company name "ProfTeam" have got sense within - our staff include sales and marketing specialists with 10-12 year sales expertise for T&M equipment (with brands like Sonel, SebaKMT, FLIR, CEM Instruments, KEP, etc.).

2. Experience on market. Eurasian Customs Union market is relatively complex, due to bureaucracy regulations, and some political peculiarities. Though Profteam LLC successfully overcome all complexities. We can perform national certification for your product, and have got a great experience in complex state procurement procedures.

3. Stable partner in most stable region of Eurasian Customs Union. On the one hand - Belarus is Eurasian Customs Union member, so could be a hub for your product on such attractive market. On the other hand, Belarus much closer to Europe both in geographical and political senses, almost has no corruption and political tensions with neighbors - thus means safety for your business interests in region. We can also promote your products in Ukraine.

4. Effective promotion. Your products will be presented to customer with all means. We take a part in regional trade shows. Huge contact database allow to make promotion not only directly (on-site presentation for customer), but also by cooperation with state energy study institutions, universities, on different state companies events (like electricians regional competitions, regional engineers summits, etc.).


For primary contact you can use e-mail address Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..

Our English-speaking specialist is to your service with phone number (+375) 29 6644852 (ILYA Parfenenko).

With same number WhatsApp and Viber messages are welcome.

Our time zone is UTC+3


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